Hollywood Studios

Six Things Disney Pros Always Do at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

By Melissa Fegely Guests visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios for incredible attractions, thrilling entertainment, and exciting restaurants. New shows and experiences are being added all the time, and there are plans in the works for the most innovative attractions yet featuring the Star Wars saga and our favorite Toy Story characters. Make your day at Hollywood Studios a terrific one and ...

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6 Underrated Attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Christy Caby Disney’s Hollywood Studios is definitely home to some favorite attractions for me like Tower of Terror and Fantasmic!  There are definitely several lesser known attractions that are quite underrated, and deserve their own recognition.  Here are 6 underrated attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios: 6. Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage on Sunset Boulevard This show really ...

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8 Facts and Secrets About Star Tours-The Adventures Continue

By Melissa Fegely Immensely popular with both young and older guests alike, Star Tours-The Adventures Continue invites you to experience the Star Wars universe via a 3-D motion- simulated galactic flight. From the moment you enter the lush, dark forests of Endor and come in contact with the enormous AT-AT, through the winding queue of the amazingly detailed and busy ...

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5 Awesome Places to Dine at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Christy Caby Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the home to several great dining locations that you will definitely want to try out!  There is no reason to leave the park to dine when you have these great options right there.  A few of these locations also offer the Fantasmic Dinner Package where you get reserved seating for the show!  If you ...

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8 Facts & Secrets About The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

By Caitlin Corsello One of the most popular and thrilling attractions in all of Walt Disney World can be found nestled at the end of Sunset Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is housed in the massive Hollywood Tower Hotel and brings guests on an immersive and eerie experience where they have the opportunity to ...

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Nine Facts and Secrets About Toy Story Mania

By Melissa Fegely As the only place in Walt Disney World where guests can experience an attraction from the perspective of a toy, Toy Story Mania is easily one of the most popular rides in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Walt Disney World. Guests walk into the world of Andy’s bedroom and immediately are immersed in a nostalgia of toys we ...

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